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Privacy Policy

Upskill Overseas Education Consultant, the owner of, is committed to preserving your right to privacy by resolving to respect the privacy of information
We collect information on our students (customers) in order to assist us in enhancing the service we provide on a continuous basis.

The information you give will be stored on UOEC's own servers or on UOEC-contracted third-party servers. These might be headquartered in India or elsewhere. In some situations, information may be kept in a country other than the one from which you use the site.

The database is kept on servers protected by a firewall; access to the servers is restricted and password-protected. However, no security system is impregnable, no matter how effective it is.

This Privacy Policy applies solely to and does not apply to your use of the Internet outside of We reserve the right to amend our privacy policy at any time to reflect future changes. Of course, regardless of what the new policy is, we will always utilize any information we acquire in accordance with the policy under which it was collected.

In terms of data collection,
During the registration, enrollment, or enquiry process, we gather personal data that you willingly choose to share with us and confirm as accurate. Name (including first and last name); Email address; Mobile phone number; Postal address; Postal code; Demographic information (such as your age, gender, occupation, professional experience, education, and so on); Preferences and interests (such as newspapers read and so on); Demographic information (such as your age, gender, occupation, professional experience, education, and so on); Demographic information (such as your age, gender, occupation, professional experience, education, and so on); Demographic information (such as your age, gender Opinions about our websites' features.
We do not track your Internet activity, nor do we employ cookie or artificial intelligence technologies to track your usage of our website.

Through our Web server, we may receive and collect some anonymous information in standard use logs. This information might include the IP address of the machine you're using to access our site.

We may combine personal information gathered from you with other data in our possession to deliver a better overall experience, which may include tailoring content for you in both online (or electronic) and offline formats.

We are the only proprietors of the data we gather from you at various points on our website.

Refunds & Payments:

The following policy applies to all courses, materials, and consulting services purchased and/or paid for through This policy only applies to courses, materials, and consulting services purchased online through or UOEC's Authorized website, and not to any classroom programs, correspondence courses, test series, or other courses for which payment is done at a UOEC centre.

  • To use the courses, materials, or consultation services, the payments must be paid in full.

  • Any changes to course fees, subscription fees, or other costs will be made at UOEC's discretion and will be notified on the website as needed.

  • Fees paid for one program cannot be used for another.

  • In no case will fees that have been paid be reimbursed.

  • Once fees have been paid, they cannot be used for any subsequent courses, materials, or consulting services provided by any UOEC centre.

  • UOEC reserves the right to alter courseware, content, and fees.

All correspondence should be sent to in this respect.

The processing of data, as well as its use and application

We may use personal information about you to create a profile of your performance(s), preferences, and progress during the course of the program you have registered in with us.

Personal information may be used to offer you the services you've requested, such as those that show tailored content.

This information is used to charge you and fulfill your orders. If we have problems processing an order, we will contact you using your information.

Personal information may also be used for auditing, research, and analysis in order to run and enhance UOEC's goods and services.

We will never sell or rent your personal information to a third party for profit. However, on occasion, we may mail promotional information on behalf of third parties that we feel may be of interest to you, for which we may be compensated by the party in question. Even in such cases, all data will remain in UOEC's sole control and will not be shared with any other parties.

In some cases, such as when complying with legal processes, preventing fraud or imminent danger, and preserving the security of our network and services, we may share information with third parties.

Your options

When we ask for personal information, we provide you options wherever feasible. You have the option of not providing us with your personal information. As a result, the amount of online and physical help you receive may be reduced in such cases. When reasonably practicable, we make good faith attempts to give you access to your personal information and to allow you to update or remove it if it is wrong.

Please email us at if you have any questions, clarifications, or further information.

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