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Post Visa Services

Even after securing the visa, there are still a few more steps to complete before you can begin your immigration procedure. Let's face it: relocating to a new country is difficult, even if you have successfully completed your immigration process.

At Upskill Overseas, we make a serious effort to make this transition as smooth as possible for you. The student should not have any issues with the numerous ancillary responsibilities that remain after the immigration process is completed. We've prepared a number of post-visa services for our students even after they've arrived at their desired destination.


Air Ticket:

One of the major drawbacks of buying last-minute flights is the inability to find inexpensive airfares. Other times, especially during festival season, finding a ticket is a challenging task itself. At Upskill Overseas, we strive to find the most cost-effective way to book your airline tickets. By taking advantage of early discounts and offers, we ensure that you are prepared for your flights with a secure and relatively reasonable booking. We recognize that if you are going to another country, you will need a lot of luggage, so we give you the maximum amount of luggage allowed to help you travel with all you need.


Travel & Health Insurance:

Your family members will be the most concerned about you going to another country. Upskill Overseas understands this and strives to make your immigration process as smooth as possible while also easing the tension of your family members. We have a strong network of certified insurance officials and brokers who can present you with legitimate insurance solutions. Experiencing medical concerns while traveling can be quite costly; treatments and health-related services are always more expensive. It is essential for the individual to have the appropriate insurance in such situations. There are also insurance plans available to ensure that you are protected against baggage loss. The idea is to select the correct kind of policy, in which we assist our students.



We can assist you with all of your foreign currency transactions. Finding a reliable foreign currency exchanger can be a challenging task. We make it simple to convert your currency to the currency of the place you're going with utmost ease. This ensures that you have sufficient cash on hand to pay your bills and do other transactions rapidly and effortlessly. It's also crucial that you retain a particular amount of the needed currency in your bank account. We use a standardized foreign exchange system to make all of your monetary transactions as smooth as possible. Our top objective is to make every step of the immigration procedure as seamless as possible for our students. Having Upskill Overseas convert your currencies eliminates all problems with getting funds. We place an emphasis on your convenience.

SIM Card Rentals

Sim card:

Get a SIM card that you can use as soon as you arrive at your chosen location. With a student SIM, you may text, call, and surf the Internet without worrying about being disconnected from your family and friends. Many overseas locations are covered by our SIM cards, including the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. We partner with the main mobile network carriers in those nations to give you the greatest calling, texting, and Internet services. We'll deliver your SIM card right to your door, and you'll be able to activate it right away.

Airport shuttle

Airport Transfer:

You must have all of your luggage and flight arrangements in order. After you've made it this far, all that's left is to locate a ride to your accommodation once you arrive in a foreign country. It can be intimidating to walk out of the airport and into a foreign nation. You may be new to the area and finding your way to the accommodation is difficult. Fortunately, you can take advantage of airport transfer services provided by Upskill Overseas to make your life easier.

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On-campus housing is frequently available at universities and colleges, however, it might be difficult to find. We make preparations for your stay at Upskill Overseas. In most nations, affordable off-campus lodging is available. However, finding them before you get to your destination country may be challenging. Hence, we've formed partnerships with a variety of lodging companies that can assist you in finding a place to stay. They have breakfast alternatives as well as self-catering options. We keep an eye on these Indian resources to ensure that you are only getting the best service available.

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